“Recover From Trauma“


Who are we ?

Lads Like Us  is a Manchester based non-profit organization,. We started our journey with a mission dedicated to helping men from all backgrounds to heal from adverse childhood experiences. We ourselves have experienced childhood trauma and in our earlier years struggled with integration in to society causing problems with antisocial behaviour and disruptive behaviours. Now years on this has given us the motivation and drive to start our journey on becoming agents of social change through the medium of talking and validation to those who believe the trauma was their fault..  Lads Like Us  focuses on creating centralized data and research around men and trauma and criminal and antisocial behaviours, connecting external industry experts and organizations to collaborate with us .  we  believe when Male Trauma  is acknowledged and addressed directly, it created a better understanding to victims of why they have acted in the ways they have post abuse and offer them a way in to recovery which in turn will lead to healthier  and happier families , safer communities and lead to reduction in antisocial behaviours and criminal activity.  Lads like us has a vision to be recognized as a leading resource for the healing of male trauma in the United Kingdom.