We are on a simple mission to educate a million proffessionals with our lived experience.

“Being Trauma informed isn't a tick box exercise, it's a way of being. Used with professional curiosity, you will save lives. It saved ours"


Who are we ?

Lads Like Us are 2 lads from Manchester .  Our journey started  with a mission dedicated to informing the practice of professionals and organisations that had failed us as children and adults.  We had to make something positive out of our lived experience, chaos and anger, in order to thrive.  Shouting and screaming about failures and trying to hold people to account made us mentally ill.  We needed to adopt a new approach that would help "  Us and them  " that was our first problem.  In order to break barriers  between " Us and Them " we needed to work out a way to weaponise the empathy of professionals  to allow them to see that the majority of the behaviours displayed by service users/clients/citizens/people are a direct result of some kind of trauma experienced throughout their lives.  These people we refer to are lads like us, from similar estates we grew up on, that are repeatedly presenting at mental health units, substance misuse services, prison and probation. 

The answer to our problem was to create a trauma informed training package focusing on professional curiosity that would inform practice, using little Mike and little Danny's experiences combined with the healing journeys of both not forgetting the input from the services that supported us.

" The Million Pieces Experience "  an NHS safeguarding award winning  Trauma Informed package that has proven to inform the practice of professionals was created.  We then partnered with Barnardos to create Million Pieces Trauma master classes.

Lads like us deliver bespoke packages across the country and are now recognised UK wide as a leading Lived experience resource for organisational staff development for those who work with people who have experienced trauma.
Lads like us work with  leaders in the safeguarding sector both public and private through their consultancy work.