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I am a father of 2 from Manchester of black Caribbean heritage. I struggled in primary school due to lack of concentration, behavioural difficulties and outdated educational biases. The way I was treated by teachers who didn't understand my behaviour affected my confidence and self esteem. I already felt different from a young age and not like other kids. when you get labelled the naughty kid at school, that sticks with you and determines how other people treat you. Your reputation proceeds you and you start to think your bad. It took till I reached my 30s to get a diagnosis for ADHD. Things could of been a lot different and I could of had a better education and a better start in life if there had been more patience and understanding. This is why I champion and celebrate neurodiversity and speak out publicly to show what can be achieved. We are not stupid or thick like some teachers thought, we just process things differently and have a different way of learning.

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During my later years in secondary school I benefited from peer mentor systems and community support programs such as after school groups and youth clubs. One of my parents went to prison which had a massive impact on my life and was a lot to deal with as a young man. I believe the support I received kept me away from gang related activity alot of my peers where getting involved in. I had found a love for rapping and music and channeled my energy there trying my best to keep out of trouble and not get involved with what was going on around me in moss side.

I have performed on radio such as 1 Xtra, at shows, made tracks with Wiley and have done numerous events including producing my own shows., with many considered the pioneers of grime music.

Music has saved my life and got me out of the life of gang culture and all that goes with it. One of my proudest achievement's is getting a university degree BA Honours EMD production and DJ practices.

I believe my lived experience of being a child who struggled in the education system along with my strength to overcome ACES and Trauma has shaped me into the person I am today. I want to focus on the positive by being a strong positive role model for children who are trying to navigate the world and education system we live in at the moment, not to mention the impacts of covid and the pressure faces by peers and social media.

Many children struggle with the current curriculum and are afraid to speak out and ask for help. I know what that's like and know how it feels to be tied into toxic masculinity which is very silencing.

My passion for music and positive experience's in youth have given me the inspiration and insight to develop the courses I have written to promote emotion wellbeing amongst learners and a strong sense of self.

Within a few months of collaborating with Lads like Us, together we where awarded an NHS Safeguarding star as a recognition for our Trauma Informed practice and we were finalist in the National awards for Outstanding contribution to pastoral care.

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Something that I hold dearly to my heart is using my Lived experience and biggest ACE of a parent going to prison. I used all the negative stuff that's happened in my life and created CreActive club and then using it to take my workshops into a custodial setting to implement personal growth and change with prisoners serving a custodial sentences. Anything is achievable in this life with the right support and guidance, I'm living proof of that.

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