Catherine Randall 

Catherine Randall - RGN, RM, HV, BA (Hons)

Catherine – is the national Associate Director for NHS safeguarding for NHS England. Catherine's previous posts have included Chief Nurse / Director of Nursing / Executive Safeguarding Lead for Trafford CCG and Governing Body Member.

Catherine's roles and responsibilities have included executive leadership for Safeguarding, Continuous Health Care, SEND, Personal Health Budgets, Mental Health and Patient Engagements and lived experience.

Catherine is a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Family Planning Nurse, Health Visitor and Nye Bevan Graduate. She has held the post for NHS England since August 2017 and became an Honnary Professor at the University of Central Lancashire in February 2020

Her special interests include Management,Leadership, Whole System,Transformation, Safeguarding,lived experience and Mentoring.As a safeguarding leader, Catherine will bring a broader view, from her perspective on strategic safeguarding issues, patient and citizen experience in order to underpin our work.