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The Million Pieces Training Experience

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20,000 People National footprint and counting.....

Who have we trained, up and down the UK ?

Social services, Police, Housing association's, Local authority care homes, Teachers, Probation, Pupil referral units, Mental health teams, Secure Units, prison, Approved premises, School nurses, Health visitor's, University's, colleges, National Ambulance service London and Wales, Hospitals, Dentist, Youth Justice Board, Youth Justice service CAHMS. Barnardo's. The list goes on, to cut it short anyone who works with or supports people who may of experienced trauma both adult and children services public and private sector.

Why our training ?

We believe our training is unique as it comes from a lived experience perspective combined with a deep understanding of trauma, whilst offering solutions. We have written all our training ourselves and it comes from the other side of the desk.

If you are looking for corporate death by PowerPoint presentations then leave the page now were not the people for you.

If you are looking for something that is raw and going to inform practice in real time and in the real world then your on the write page so hang in there.

We will take you in a roller coaster of emotions while informing your practice.

The sessions are totally interactive and no question is of boun

Our moto is " If you haven't felt what we have said then we have failed " we combine thinking, feeling and solutions together with a call to action.

The feedback we get is second to none, there is some feedback on our website but word of mouths better so just ask about we prefer to come recommended, we have never once approached anyone for work organisations have always got in touch with us and that's the way well like it.

Your organisations practice will never be the same once your staff have had the million pieces experience, just arrange a video call with us through our PA

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What do we cover

We cover a wide range issues and subjects with in our training including Childhood sexual abuse, Child Exploitation, all the ACES, Addiction, mental health, suicide prevention, attachment theory, county lines, parenting form a trauma perspective, toxic masculinity and vicarious trauma basically the kitchen sink around trauma. Our main focus is linking all the issues around trauma informed practice an professional curiosity and the life changing difference it makes.

All our training focuses on giving professionals knowledge and solutions to deal with these issues. Our focus is getting people off the life long roundabout of constant presentation at services, and helping workers to confidently deal with getting to the bottom of presenting issues, including a heavy focus on prevention work, and the impact undealt with trauma has on a person.

We have sessions around the power of one and building teams up to realise why they got into the job in the first place and the true impact they can have. We deal with staff who are on the edge of burn out and need re energising due to big case loads and lack of staffing and funding.

we have a strong focus on self care and getting your staff looking after there selves so they can perform to there best.

One of are big passions is working with schools and learners, we have a series of work shops dealing with all the issues young people face.

Our young people workshops are creative and imaginative and deal with addressing trauma through music and speaking these are facilitated by Carloid and Jamie.

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Key Notes and full staff away days

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As they say no jobs to big no jobs too small, we have no minimum or maximum of people all our training and keynotes are bespoke and comes after consultation.

We do all kinds of stuff so just ask.

Is this all a bit to vague ?

There's a reason we've not gone into specific details of our training and that's so nobody try's to copy or rips it off. We have spent ages perfecting what we do and countless hours getting it right , we are immensely proud of our work and the national foot print we have achieved. putting our training into practice saves lives and saves the government money, you can take that to the bank.

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Get in touch

Our dates book up fast, contact for a meeting or any questions. Follow us on twitter @Lads_Like_Us search us on Insta search us on linked in. Don't take our word for what we do, we are biased ask your colleague's do your research best is word of mouth.

Get inspired

The best feed back is word of mouth, that's how most of our sessions get booked, feel free to contact us for references.

We have evaluations of impact of practice available upon request.