Mike is the co founder of Lads like us. In early life he experienced significant ACE's which resulted in numerous mental health disorders. He found himself  in a life of crime and anti social behaviour. Mike uses his experiences of childhood trauma as his driving force to make changes for future generations. Mike is now an international speaker, trainer and Safeguarding consultant. Proving to himself and others  recovery from trauma is possible.


Danny is joint co founder of Lads Like Us. From being a baby he experienced significant trauma that shaped his life, affected his schooling which resulted in numerous visits to various institutions, rehabs and a significant time on probation. Danny now uses his Trauma as an asset to create changes in various systems that failed him.

His role now is as a Safeguarding consultant, motivational speaker and trainer creating change through writing and delivering Trauma informed programs that inform practice and encourage
professional curiosity.


Gabriel is a Peer Mentor & Counselor by day & an Indie Game Developer, Poet, Podcast Host & DJ by night. Gabriel's short & long term goal is to unite the forces of Mental Health & Empowerment into the Interactive Arts.

Gabriel's based in California and is our Lads Like Us representative in the  USA.